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Applying Generative AI To Product Design With BigQuery DataFrames

For any company, naming a product or service is complex and time-consuming. This process is particularly challenging in the pharmaceutical industry. Typically, companies start by brainstorming and researching thousands of names. They must ensure that the names are unique, compliant with…

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Reimagine Data Analytics For The Era Of AI

The emergence of generative AI is poised to become one of the most significant technological shifts in modern memory, opening up endless transformative possibilities for enterprises. Our customers are already seeing incredible benefits with AI. Organizations like TIME are exploring new possibilities with…

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Using Machine Learning To Help ZSL & Network Rail Monitor And Improve Biodiversity Near British Railways

Image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pipistrellus_female-1.jpg Example of a Common Pipistrellus Bat, similar to those identified as part of our study. Network Rail recently commissioned international conservation charity, ZSL (Zoological Society of London) to develop cutting-edge methods for monitoring lineside biodiversity throughout the British…

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Build An Image Data Classification Model With BigQuery ML

There are countless use cases for capturing, storing, and classifying unstructured image data — think social media analytics to find missing people, image analytics for tracking road traffic, or media analytics for e-commerce recommendations, to name a few. Most organizations are…

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All Data Cloud, All The Time: Recapping The Google Data Cloud & AI Summit

The Data Cloud & AI Summit is Google Cloud’s global event that showcases latest innovations and how customers are transforming their business with a unified, open and intelligent data platform. At our third annual event, we shared the latest product launches across generative…

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The Future Of Healthcare Is Data-Driven

As analytics tools and machine learning capabilities mature, healthcare innovators are speeding up the development of enhanced treatments supported by Azure’s GPU-accelerated AI infrastructure powered by NVIDIA. Improving diagnosis and elevating patient care Man’s search for cures and treatments for common…

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Solving For The Next Era Of Innovation And Efficiency With Data And AI

Even in today’s changing business climate, our customers’ needs have never been more clear: They want to reduce operating costs, boost revenue, and transform customer experiences. Today, at our third annual Google Data Cloud & AI Summit, we are announcing new…

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From Raw Data To Actionable Insights: The Power Of Data Aggregation

Data aggregation is the process of collecting data to present it in summary form. This information is then used to conduct statistical analysis and can also help company executives make more informed decisions about marketing strategies, price settings, and structuring operations,…

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Effective Strategies To Closing The Data-Value Gap

We have been going through a phenomenal amount of technological advances in the space of big data and cloud, driven by the organizations’ needs to get value out of data. It’s a given that data drives innovation, but business needs are…

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Coop Reduces Food Waste By Forecasting With Google’s AI And Data Cloud

Although Coop has a rich history spanning nearly 160 years, the machine learning (ML) team supporting its modern operations is quite young. Its story began in 2018 with one simple mission: to leverage ML-powered forecasting to help inform business decisions, such…

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