8 of the Most-Loved Back-To-School Essentials


Love going back to school? Then here are some of the highly-rated essentials to get this coming school year.

01. Refillable Notebook from Five Star

Refillable Notebook from Five Star

This refillable notebook has guaranteed durability in its rings and cover. The patented Tech Lock rings will attest to it’s sturdiness. The size of the notebook it can hold is at 8-1/2 by 11 inches or simply called letter size. It can hold up to 200 sheets.

02. D-Ring View Binder by Samsill

D-Ring View Binder by Samsill

Perfect for projects, thesis and reports are these binders. Also at letter size, this binder can hold up from 1.5 to 3.0 inches in thickness of paper. It is also available in different colors such as Indigo blue, rose, and sage green.

03. Triangular Scale by Rena Chris

Triangular Scale by Rena Chris

Also called as the architect’s scale this scale can function as a ruler too. While you can opt to buy a plain ruler, this one ads the durability of being made from aluminum. But you can also choose the set where a plain ruler is included.

04. Notebook Paper from Oxford

Notebook Paper from Oxford

This college-ruled paper is comptable with our previous item, Refillable Notebook. Excelennt for note-taking, list making, assignments, and even hobbies such writing stories.

05. Pencil box by Sooez

Pencil box by Sooez

This pencil box, available in 3 colors, provide the optimal protection from damage. It also gives additional organization to your school supplies. While it’s called a pencil box, no one is stopping you from using it to group other things like crayons and brush.

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06. Organizer Case by Sooez

Organizer Case by Sooez

This organizer is more versatile in categorizing your school supplies. From aesthetic supplies, emergency kits, cleaning kit and other relatively smaller items. Available in various colors and made from polyester.

07. Dividers from Avery

Dividers from Avery

Also at letter size, this divider can be used for additional grouping of your notes. Like dividing chapters from the book your are writing or grouping your financial records neatly.

8. Organizer from U Brands

Organizer from U Brands

This will provide you an organizer in style and versatility. It can be used as an attachment to a wall or the inside of your locker. But you can also position it a as tabletop piece. The gold color shows a touch of finesse when partnered with the environment.

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