Author: John Francis

Coffee Break

Parisian Cafes Offering The Most Comfort for Coffee Lovers

Come over at We have searched for places that are the most snug you could ever be when drinking coffee. These are spots that have been approved by both tourist and locals. When it’s about food and particularly coffee, it’s always…

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Fashion. Fashion walk.

French Chic. An intro to Parisian Fashion.

Come over at Paris. Considered to be the fashion capital of the world. Fashion show, défilé de mode, an event presented by fashion designers to showcase their work. This dates back to the 1860s when English fashion designer Charles Frederick…

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Coffee. GoSwifties.

Coffee. The Ambrosia of Mortals.

We would like to thank our generous sponsors for making this article possible. Coffee has been loved by so many, but why? It has a bitter taste, that even most of the animals in the wild avoid. You would think that…

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MongoDB Announces Founding Membership In The U.S. Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute Consortium

New U.S. government AI safety institute brings together leaders from industry, government, academia, and non-profit organizations to develop standards for the responsible use of artificial intelligence NEW YORK—Feb. 8, 2024—MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDB) today announced that it is a founding member…

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Cyber Monday Sale. Guzz. Ideals collection.

Decode Workweek Style with guzz

Are you a nerd who loves programming, coding, and solving problems? Do you want to express your passion and personality through your clothing? If so, you need to check out guzz, the online shop that offers the best apparel and accessories…

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Presents. Gifts.

25 Besties Bargain Bags Below $100 This Black Friday 2023

Bag lovers, bag enthusiast, bag collectors, and those simply in need of a bag to secure their belongings. We are gathered here for one thing. That is, to take advantage of the sale that is happening this Black Friday. But remember…

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Top 10+1 You Can’t Do Without For The Holidays: Electronics Edition.

Let’s face it, technology has been part of our daily fun. From reading your favorite books on a Kindle, to watching the latest movies on the comfort of your home in front of your wide screen smart TV. Electronics, embrace it,…

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Sale. Deals. Discount.

The 50 Best Electronic Deals To Get On Amazon Before Cyber Monday 2023

“You’re getting a TV! You’re getting a Tablet! You’re getting a Smart Watch! Everybody is getting something something!” as one talkshow host would say. She’s not wrong though. As cyber monday is closely approaching, deals and sales will be available left…

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Best Presents This Holiday That Are Less Than $100.

For those who are on gift-giving exchange that ranges up to maximum budget of a 100 bucks, these are some of the deals we found that will meet that criteria. Some are even discounted, be sure to check it out before…

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Why Wait For Cyber Monday When These Deals Are Already At Hand?

We bet everyone couldn’t wait for Cyber Monday or your just like us and want to plan things ahead. Truth be told, we also don’t want to be in a rush during that time of the year. Well, you are simply…

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