Finest 6 Halloween Costume Set For Children From TV Series

Trick or treat

Halloween is fast approaching. If you are in a hurry and you want the best for your children, you can buy a complete costume. They are easier to manage and has dependable quality.

01. Demogorgon from Stranger Things


While most would select the Thirteen costume, why not settle for the menacing Demogorgon.

02. Wednesday from the Netflix series Wednesday

Wednesday (Adams Family)

Cool and calculating, these are only some of the characteristics you could say for Wednesday Adams. If you’ve the recent Netflix series, Wednesday, then you know how both beautiful and scary she can be.

03. Pugsley from the Netflix series Wednesday

Sulley (Monsters, Inc)

While it is simple and might be unrecognizable if going alone. But if one the kids is going as Wednesday, this will make the theme of Adams family prominent.

04. Mavis from Hotel Transylvania: The Series

Mavis (Hotel Transylvania)

Going as Mavis from Hotel Transylvania is iconic to children as the movie did have sequels. Just note that this not include makeup, but some powder and black lipstick should do the trick.

05. Sulley from Monsters at Work

Pugsley (Adams Family)

More of a cute costume than scary. But remember the Sulley was intended to be a scary monster in the beginning. 

06. Boo from Monsters at Work

Boo (Monsters, Inc)

Nothing can be more adorable than this Boo costume. And if your kid got the Sulley costume when not let the other children wear this one.

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