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Huawei’s Core Network Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) Ranked No.1 By ABI Research

[Shenzhen, China, December 1, 2023] ABI Research, a world-renowned consulting firm, just released the industry’s first 5G core network automation and orchestration capability competitiveness report, titled 5G End-to-End Core Network Automation and Orchestration. In the report, Huawei’s core network ADN solution…

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IBM Announces Inaugural TechXchange Conference

– IBM TechXchange will bring together technologists from around the world and provide education through hands-on experience with the latest IBM technology ARMONK, N.Y., Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced its first-ever TechXchange Conference, which will take place September 11 through…

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Navigating Towards a New Work Paradigm in the Future of Automation

As automation technologies advance at an unprecedented pace, questions about their long-term impact on society, work, and employment abound. Will increasing automation lead us to lives of leisure, more creative and less routine work, or mass unemployment? We explore the multifaceted…

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A S.W.O.T. Analysis Of Current A.I. Systems

AI, as a technology, has unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats compared to preceding technologies. Here is a breakdown of how AI’s SWOT analysis differs. Strengths: – Learning capability: AI systems, especially machine learning models, can learn and improve from data…

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Automation Anywhere Partners With Google Cloud To Bring Together Generative AI And Intelligent Automation

Automation Anywhere will launch new generative AI features in its Automation Success Platform, powered by Google’s LLMs and Vertex AI San Jose and Sunnyvale, Calif., – June 1, 2023 – Automation Anywhere and Google Cloud today announced an expanded partnership that combines the…

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Can Businesses Help Build Trustworthy And Accurate Generative AI?

Automation relies on human dependence on machine intelligence, which is deeply affected by the universal values of accuracy and trust. Automation and efficiency initiatives will be hampered by a lack of adherence to these principles. An entirely novel wave of automation…

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Dynatrace Launches Automationengine To Drive Intelligent Cloud Automation

Answer-driven automation across the broad spectrum of BizDevSecOps workflows enables organizations to tame cloud complexity, act faster, and do more with fewer resources WALTHAM, Mass., February 15, 2023 – Software intelligence company Dynatrace (NYSE: DT) announced today the launch of the AutomationEngine. This new Dynatrace® platform…

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Teaching an AI to beat video games still takes human imagination

Digital workers are intelligent software bots that automate everyday business processes like data entry, invoicing, or system queries. They will take over many repetitive and mundane tasks, creating new opportunities for businesses and workers. People aren’t just more productive when they…

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An Automated Way To Assemble Thousands Of Objects

The manufacturing industry (largely) welcomed artificial intelligence with open arms. Less of the dull, dirty, and dangerous? Say no more. Planning for mechanical assemblies still requires more than scratching out some sketches, of course – it’s a complex conundrum that means…

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Study: Automation Drives Income Inequality

When you use self-checkout machines in supermarkets and drugstores, you are probably not — with all due respect — doing a better job of bagging your purchases than checkout clerks once did. Automation just makes bagging less expensive for large retail…

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