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A New Dataset Of Arctic Images Will Spur Artificial Intelligence Research

By: Kylie Foy | MIT Lincoln Laboratory As the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) icebreaker Healy takes part in a voyage across the North Pole this summer, it is capturing images of the Arctic to further the study of this rapidly changing region. Lincoln…

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The Datasets That Enable AI Advances

Training large AI models and systems require vast amounts of data. Data sources can be both publicly available and privately held information. Publicly available data sources. Text corpora. Large collections of text, such as Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg, Common Crawl, and the…

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Faster Together: How Dun & Bradstreet Datasets Accelerate Your Real-Time Insights

At the third annual Google Data Cloud and AI Summit, we shared how data analytics and insights continue to be a key focus area for our customers and how we’re accelerating their data journeys through new product innovations and partner offerings.  A…

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How To Handle Imbalanced Data In Machine Learning Classification

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about imbalanced data and how to handle them in machine learning classification in Python. Imbalanced data occurs when the classes of the dataset are distributed unequally. It is common for machine learning classification prediction problems. An extreme example could be…

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How To Train Computers Faster For ‘Extreme’ Datasets

A new approach could make it easier to train computer for “extreme classification problems” like speech translation and answering general questions, researchers say. The divide-and-conquer approach to machine learning can slash the time and computational resources required. Online shoppers typically string together…

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How To: Perform Tests for Normality in R

Normality is one assumption that you will typically encounter in statistical methods that you will employ. A lot of the tests that were created have an underlying assumption that your data is normal. A large number of parametric tests assume normality…

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