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Microsoft’s New AI Can Clone Your Voice In Just 3 Seconds

AI is being used to generate everything from images to text to artificial proteins, and now another thing has been added to the list: speech. Last week researchers from Microsoft released a paper on a new AI called VALL-E that can accurately simulate anyone’s voice based on a…

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Converting Several Audio Streams Into One Voice Makes It Easier For AI To Learn

IBM researchers showed that putting the words of multiple speakers into one voice helps AI models pick up the nuances of spoken language. Their algorithm builds on a popular foundation model for speech processing, improving its accuracy and continuing IBM’s efforts…

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Securing The Human Voice At Scale: Pindrop Partners With Google Cloud

If you’ve ever used only your voice to authenticate a payment, place an order, or check an account over the phone, there is a good chance that Pindrop’s technology made it possible. Founded in Atlanta in 2011, Pindrop provides software and technology that…

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Google Cloud AI Digitizes StoryCorps Archive: Largest Collection Of Human Voices On Planet

For many of us the holiday season will look different this year, separated from the people we love. If you’re in this boat too—mitigating the spread of the coronavirus—thank you and we hope the following story might offer an alternative, but…

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Can AI Accurately Predict Depression Using Our Voice?

Depression is a mental health condition of multiple faces. Those who are depressed may exhibit their symptoms in different ways. They could become apathetic, sad, or agitated. They could also experience distorted sleeping and eating patterns. These are only a few…

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