Bringing Google Cloud Generative AI To popular Workplace Apps


Generative AI is poised to transform and streamline many of the most common processes and tasks each of us performs every day at work — like how we communicate, how we analyze data, how we interface with apps, or even how we summarize content and conversations. 

At Google Cloud, our open approach to generative AI development has led to businesses around the world using Google’s large language models (LLMs) through Vertex AI. These  include some of the most popular workplace applications that people log into every day. 

Today, we’re announcing a broader set of popular enterprise companies that are bringing Google Cloud generative AI capabilities to their applications this year. Each of these companies will address promising enterprise use cases for generative AI, including improving content management, bringing new capabilities for people to collaborate virtually, streamlining sales and customer service, delivering entirely new marketing content-creation abilities, and supporting marketers by embedding generative AI in the Salesforce customer data platform.

  • Box and Google Cloud will build on our strategic partnership to create new ways for joint customers to work smarter and more productively with generative AI. Box and Google Cloud are working to integrate Google’s advanced AI models into Box AI, its new intelligence capability, to power entirely new ways for users to interact with their content, like automatically classifying and extracting metadata or quickly finding answers and insights from documents.
  • Canva is adding new generative AI features into its popular visual communication platform, including new automatic translation capabilities, and new generative AI video creation tools powered by Google Cloud’s Vertex AI that can enable creative teams to more quickly build custom content in Canva.
  • Dialpad is building new tools to help sales and service teams better track and support prospects and customers with Google Cloud generative AI. For example, Dialpad has already launched new AI Recaps with a subset of its users, which harness the power of LLMs to generate concise summaries of conversations and highlight essential information and next-best action items for salespeople. The team at Dialpad is also working with Google Cloud’s models through Vertex AI to create new AI-powered playbooks that will provide real-time, context-sensitive suggestions and prompts to sales reps and support agents, and new AI-driven scorecards to help automate the call review process for sales managers and contact center supervisors. 
  • Jasper will work with Google Cloud to help marketers further automate content creation, with more sophisticated capabilities to target content for particular segments and voices. Jasper will bring Google Cloud foundation models to its AI Engine, and Google Cloud LLMs will give users more capabilities to create unique content matching their brand voice in the Jasper app. Users can also quickly access Jasper’s capabilities with the Jasper Extension for Chrome, and with new add-ons for Google Workspace which are in development.
  • Salesforce is exploring how Google Cloud’s models and generative AI capabilities could bring new, trusted, and secure functionality to Salesforce customers through Salesforce Data Cloud, which unifies a company’s customer data across channels and interactions into single, real-time customer profiles, and Einstein, its AI-infused CRM assistant.
  • UKG will bring Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities into its widely adopted human capital management (HCM) apps to help transform employee experiences. UKG is already using Google Cloud’s LLMs through Vertex AI to create conversational AI interactions with its HCM solutions, augment employee requests with more relevant business insights, and support people managers with a deeper understanding of how business decisions can impact employee engagement. 
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We’re partnering closely with teams at each of these companies to deploy generative AI responsibly and to enable businesses, developers, marketers, and millions of users who can benefit from Google Cloud’s LLMs in the applications they use every day.

These partnerships build on our open ecosystem for generative AI development. We’re committed to this open future of AI, and we’re bringing the best of Google’s infrastructure, generative AI tooling, and foundation models to partners at every layer of the AI stack – like AI21 Labs, Aible, Anthropic, Anyscale, Bending Spoons, Cohere, Faraday, Glean, Gretel, Labelbox, Midjourney, Osmo, Replit, Snorkel AI, Tabnine, Weights & Biases and many more.

In the coming weeks and months, you’ll hear more examples of how we’re partnering with leading enterprise platforms and applications to bring generative AI to more users. You’ll also hear more about Google Cloud’s approach to applied generative AI tomorrow at Google I/O, and you can learn more about our Trusted Tester program for Vertex AI here.

By Kevin Ichhpurani Corporate VP, Global Partner Ecosystem & Channels at Google Cloud
Originally published at Google Cloud

Source: Cyberpogo

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