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The Essential Skills Every Machine Learning Engineer Should Learn

Machine learning has exploded in popularity and applicability over the last decade. As more companies rush to integrate ML into their products and services, demand for skilled talent is skyrocketing. So what does it take to thrive as a machine learning…

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A Guide to Practical AI Technologies and Techniques Beyond the Buzzwords

AI technologies and techniques encompass a diverse range of methods and approaches from various domains and related fields of study. Here are a few discussions covering some of the key AI technologies and techniques. Bayesian Networks. Bayesian networks are graphical models…

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Nature Already Inspired A.I. Than Most Realise

Nature offers many valuable insights and inspirations for understanding AI and developing new algorithms and techniques. Here are some of the key lessons learned from nature are the following. Adaptability: Living organisms are highly adaptable to changing environments, a quality that…

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How Alan Turing and His Test Became AI Legend

The Turing Test is legendary in the field of artificial intelligence. First proposed by the visionary British mathematician Alan Turing in a landmark 1950 paper, the test provides a practical (and pretty fun) way to determine if a computer has achieved human levels of…

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Robotic Hand Can Identify Objects With Just One Grasp

MIT researchers developed a soft-rigid robotic finger that incorporates powerful sensors along its entire length, enabling them to produce a robotic hand that could accurately identify objects after only one grasp. Image: Courtesy of the researchers Inspired by the human finger,…

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Limits To Computing: A Computer Scientist Explains Why Even In The Age Of AI, Some Problems Are Just Too Difficult

Computers are growing more powerful and more capable, but everything has limits. Jie Wang, UMass Lowell Empowered by artificial intelligence technologies, computers today can engage in convincing conversations with people, compose songs, paint paintings, play chess and go, and diagnose diseases,…

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Flexible AI - computer chips

Flexible AI Computer Chips Promise Wearable Health Monitors That Protect Privacy

The Research Brief is a short take about interesting academic work. The big idea My colleagues and I have developed a flexible, stretchable electronic device that runs machine-learning algorithms to continuously collect and analyze health data directly on the body. The…

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ML Peers Future

Machine Learning Helps Scientists Peer (a second) Into The Future

The past may be a fixed and immutable point, but with the help of machine learning, the future can at times be more easily divined. Using a new type of machine learning method called next generation reservoir computing, researchers at The…

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Artificial Intelligence Brain

How AI Can Worsen Health Care Disparities?

Data sources that “teach” artificial intelligence could amplify and worsen disparities in health care, says law professor Nicholson Price. Those data sources are not representative and/or are based on data from current unequal care, says Price, a member of the University of Michigan’s…

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AI predictions 2022

AI Predictions For 2022 And Beyond

We have all been down the same train of thought regarding artificial intelligence, thanks to sci-fi films peppered throughout the history of Hollywood: Artificial intelligence is too dangerous. However, as time has proven over and over again, humankind is unable to…

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