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Predictions: Top 25 Careers Likely In High Demand In The Future

Predicting the top careers of the future can be challenging due to the rapidly evolving nature of technology and the job market. However, based on current trends, here are 25 careers that are likely to be in high demand in the…

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5 Ways Digital Business Will Change In 2021

COVID-19 made what was once optional into a mandatory part of business strategy, and 2021 will only move the needle further to the digital side, Forrester predicts. Forrester has released its predictions for digital business in 2021, and it sees big…

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Machine Learning Could Improve Hurricane Prediction

Applying a machine learning technique to a group of possible storm paths could help meteorologists provide more accurate medium-term hurricane forecasts. This approach could also help them issue timely warnings to communities in the path of these potentially deadly storms, report…

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TF Dev Summit ’19 | TensorFlow Probability: Learning With Confidence

TF Dev Summit ’19 | TensorFlow Probability: Learning with confidence TensorFlow Probability (TFP) is a Python library built on TensorFlow that makes it easy to combine probabilistic models and deep learning on modern hardware (TPU, GPU). It’s for data scientists, statisticians,…

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