This week CSAIL will be launching a new initiative focused on machine learning applications. [email protected], or “[email protected]”, will focus on current challenges in machine learning to prepare industry members for digital transformation in their workplaces.

“From manufacturing and retail to healthcare and pharmaceuticals, companies that know how to leverage machine learning across their business will have a huge competitive advantage in the coming years,” says CSAIL director Daniela Rus. “We are excited to work with a wide range of industry partners to help them integrate machine learning models into their organizations.”

[email protected] will formally launch on Thursday, September 3 at 11am ET, with a virtual event featuring remarks from Rus and Lori Glover, executive director of the new initiative. (The launch will be live-streamed online.)

The founding companies of [email protected] are food retailer Ahold Delhaize, electronics manufacturer Arrow Electronics, the tech multi-national Cisco, and enterprise software company SAP. Glover says that the lab expects to add up to eight more companies in the next year. Members of the initiative will have the opportunity to share challenges the industry is facing to be addressed through CSAIL research projects.

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