Ditching Google: The 3 Search Engines That Use AI To Give Results That Are Meaningful


Google search engine is great. But if you’re the type that wants straight answers to every query without going through several blog posts, then you should consider AI-chat search engines.

Ever since Chat GPT became a sensation, many companies have increased research and funding to harness AI chatbots. AI search engines have a chat feature, which means you’ll get a straight answer for every search as if you’re chatting with a smart person.

Of all the companies with this feature, here are the three you should consider if you want to ditch Google.

1. Microsoft Bing

Google has dominated the search engine world for decades, but Microsoft Bing, with Chat-GPT’s AI, now poses a real challenge. According to Microsoft, Bing AI now has a chat feature for better query response. This means it’ll give detailed answers to every query, and you can chat with it for follow-up questions.

Here’s what it looks like:

Response to query: What does Jordan Peterson say about happiness?

As a follow-up question, I asked, “what do people think about his point on happiness.” It says this:

Bing AI’s response to follow-up query: what do people think about his point on happiness

This shows its power, although I feel it can do better. You.com did better.

There are other interesting features in Bing, though. You can use Bing to track flights, predict the weather, predict travel prices, get live stock quotes and more with about a 75%-80% accuracy rate.

You can also narrow your search to a particular location with Bing. This makes getting replies specific to your location easy, especially if they’re as sensitive as “pharmacists near me” or “hotels nearby.”

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2. You.com

You.com is an exciting search engine that has AI chat capability. It answers queries like Chat GPT with relevant and straight-to-the-point answers.

Answers to queries look something like this:

You.com’s response to the query: What does Jordan Peterson say about happiness?

Here’s a follow-up question that seems to be much better than what Bing did:

Response to you.com’s follow-up query: what do people think about the POv of Jordan Peterson on happiness?

LOL. It’s apparent the chatbot took an easy way out there. Because when I typed LOL, it told me what it means.

However, the unique thing about you.com is you can customize your user experience with the search engine. First, you can tailor the responses you get. For instance, you can select preferred sources for responses. You.com will provide responses from other sources but will prioritize your preferences where they’re relevant to the query.

Plus, who doesn’t like the idea of organized searches? With you.com, each search result pulls up multiple rows with tiles. These tiles contain essential quotes from different blog posts, so you can select whichever best matches your query.

What’s more, you can switch to private mode. In private mode, searches, preferences and locations aren’t stored, and the queries you search for will come from You.com’s IP address, not yours.

  1. NeevaAI

Neeva is quite similar to You.com. Here’s what came up from a similar query to You.com’s:

Response to query: “What does Jordan Peterson think about AI?'” on Neeva.com.

The strength of NeevaAI is that it provides links to relevant sources which it pulled information from. For example, it linked to the National Post and The Guardian in the example above.

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Aside from that, its personalized search results let you prioritize sources you want your information from. The only major difference is that it requires a monthly subscription after a generous free trial. The good news is, Neeva offers ad-free browsing.

NeevaAI is also available as an app, which makes it easy if you want to ditch Google.


You can set any of these search engine alternatives as your default browser by following simple steps. You can also create accounts with each of them to get full access.

The beautiful thing about these alternatives is that you have several options. If one AI search engine doesn’t give you satisfactory answers, you can try alternatives until you get what you want.

By: Peace Akinwale
Originally published at Hackernoon

Source: Cyberpogo

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