GPT-4 : The Latest Milestone From OpenAI


With all the concern about AI replacing every available work on the planet. Let’s not worry about that for now (or maybe at all). The technological advancement and the acceleration is what we should fathom.

In the recent developer live stream of OpenAI on GPT-4, we are able to take a preview on what will soon be right in our doorsteps, or in this case, our devices. 

In this video the improvements of GPT-4 compared to GPT-3 is featured. The key takeaways for GPT-4 are the following

  • Used it to generate Python code. Specifically a Discord Bot.
  • It was also used to fix the error/exception on the code
  • Generate a website by providing an image/picture of a hand-drawn mockup
  • Perform tax computation

These are only key points and we suggest watching the developer live stream. There are also these 2 new videos on GPT-4.

What can you do with GPT-4?

Introducing GPT-4

While GPT-4 is not yet available publicly, you can join the waitlist here. And for those who want to read up on it’s capabilities, see here

Source: Cyberpogo

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